Who Is Mastriana Construction?

Brien Mastriana, born and raised in Fort Lauderdale, has been involved with all aspects of commercial construction and real estate development since 1991. After completing his Masters Degree in Real Estate Development from Columbia University in 1999, he co-developed several South Florida projects including a 57-unit townhouse development, a multi-million dollar mega yacht marina renovation, a 12-story beachfront condo building and several retail strip-center and office projects. Being on the development side of construction, he has extensive experience in all aspects of your project; from conception to the design and drawing process, complicated city approvals to project funding, the construction phase and ultimately completion and issuance of the C/O. Through all of this experience, Brien has learned that honesty and proper communication between all parties is the best method for successful completion of any project. His dedication and drive toward the completion of tasks insures timely results.  

At Mastriana Construction we believe there are never problems... only challenges to solve. This problem solving mindset and eye for detail throughout the construction process is what sets us apart from the competition.